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Renovations and Remodels

Undecided whether it’s more cost effective to sell vs. remodel,  The Katherine Group can provide you with a current free Comparative Market Analysis. Have you been thinking of doing a large renovation, a quick remodel, or just purchased a home and think that one extra bathroom would be an asset?

If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, give us a call to discuss the options.

A Bit of Background:

For nearly 25 plus years, Katherine has managed construction companies from residential to commercial.

During her years spent in construction, she’s been the go between the clients, architects, engineers and contractors.  She has always maintained a bidding process of no less than three bids per trade in order to assemble a complete and thorough detailed scope of work for her clients.  

During the construction process, Kathy maintains a tight ship in that all contractors maintain their licenses, bonds, insurances and provide all necessary paperwork. Having this all in place insures the protection of the client, their property and the contractors.


While it is extremely important to secure the best price, it is of the utmost importance  to maintain the quality of a client’s project, no matter the size. At her client's request, she will assist them with further purchases to complete the project. 

Katherine is proud that her clients became her friends.

Building a new home in Brentwood with a family in tow is never easy.  Being that I was the decision maker on the project, she made sure to schedule a weekly meeting with us, the contractor and architect to iron out any decisions and/or problems that may have needed to be dealt with. The project went according to plan, for the most part, from  beginning to the final days. She was at the project daily keeping everything on task and schedule. She made sure that paperwork, payments and materials were paid and delivered in order to stay on our budget and completion date, which was no easy feat. I would highly recommend her and would not hesitate to call if anything is needed.

Andrew B.

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